Our Services

  • Record monthly readings.
  • Process the relevant accounts on a spreadsheet supplied to the specific Administrator, where he/she submits it to the rental account.
  • Handle all electricity and water related queries.
  • Audit the Local Council Accounts.
  • Take full responsibility for all accounting.
  • Accepts full responsibility for all vacant areas unless otherwise stated by the Administrator or Building Manager.

Technical Services

  • Full technical and energy saving support.
  • Electrical assistance on new meter installations, meter testing and calibrations.
  • New and periodic technical audits on meter installations.
  • Thermal Electric Reports
  • Energy management audits and energy recommendations on buildings.
    • Power factor corrections units
    • Transformer settings and analyzing
    • Load shearing and load control recommendations
    • Central Air-conditioning analyzing and recommendations
    • Time of use

Add on Services

Metering and accounting of the following services:

  • Water
  • Sewerage
  • Refuse removal
  • Common area services
  • Air-conditioning
  • Gas